Seattle to Vancouver, BC

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Location City Bus Route Times Fare

4th & Union


Sound Transit 510

5:55 6:25 6:55 7:25 15:11 15:52 16:06 $3.00
Everett Station(1) Everett 6:39 7:09 7:39 8:09 15:57 16:48 17:03

Skagit Transit 90X Everett Express

6:50 7:50 8:30 16:10 17:10 17:32 $2.00
Skagit Station Mount Vernon 7:35 8:35 9:15 17:00 18:00 18:15

Skagit Transit 80X Bellingham Connector

7:45 8:45 10:45 17:10 18:10 $2.00

Bellingham Station

Bellingham 8:30 9:30 11:30 17:55 18:55

Whatcom Transportation Authority 232/ GO Green Line, every 15 min. 7:00-18:00, takes 21 min. from B'ham Sta. to Cordata Sta., 331/ GO Gold Line, every 15 min, takes 29 min. or 15, every 30 min., takes 23 min.

Whatcom Transportation Authority70X - Blaine via Ferndale

17:20 18:20 $1.00
Cordata Station Bellingham

Whatcom Transportation Authority 55 - Blaine/Birch Bay

11:45 14:55 Show Transfer
Blaine City Hall Blaine 12:51 16:05 18:04 19:04

Walk or bicycle across the border. Epic Transit Journeys makes absolutely no guarantees that you will make it into Canada. A valid passport (and valid visa if required for your nationality) or an Enhanced WA Driver License/ID is recommended for entry (and required upon re-entering the US), see Canada Border Services Agency's website for up-to-date information. It is recommended to use this walking or bicycling route, however BE VERY CAREFUL along the route! The border crossing is designed only for cars traveling at high speeds and has no sidewalks or bike lanes. You will want to walk into the building in the middle of the road on the Canadian side to get cleared. Also at the border crossing, pick up some Canadian Dollars for the next buses.

eastbound Marine Dr & northbound Stayte Rd White Rock

TransLink C51 - White Rock Centre, leaves every 30 min. at :00/:30 until 19:00, takes 8 min. from Marine Dr & Stayte Rd ('end' point on map to White Rock Centre.
TransLink 375 - Guildford, leaves every 30 min. at :19/:49 until 20:49, takes 9 min. from King George & 11th Ave (point '2' on map) to White Rock Centre

C$5.00 3-Zone Fare
White Rock Centre White Rock

TransLink 351 - Bridgeport Station bus every 15 min. from 6:17 to 21:19, takes about 40 min. from White Rock Centre to Bridgeport Station.

Validate Transfer
Bridgeport Station Richmond

TransLink Canada Line - Waterfront Station SkyTrain departs for Downtown Vancouver every 4 to 10 min., it takes 17 min. from Bridgeport to Vancouver City Centre Station.

Retain Transfer for Inspection
Vancouver City Centre Station Vancouver
Total Time 7.5 hours + Total Fare US$8 + C$5


Schedule last updated on 12/2/2010.

  1. Walk to the bay where it says Everett Express (south of Greyhound's bay at the eastside of the station near the train track)
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