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Location City Bus Route Times Fare

Transit Center(1)


SMART Wilsonville Express

SMART Wilsonville Express

4:32 AM 6:25 AM 7:05 AM 8:05 AM 9:05 AM 16:00 PM 16:30 PM 17:00 PM 17:30 PM 18:35 PM 19:05 PM $3.00
Wilsonville Station Wilsonville 5:17 7:17 7:48 8:48 9:48 16:51 17:21 17:51 18:21 19:22 19:52


5:25 7:21(4) 8:00 9:00 10:05(2) 17:06 17:36 18:06 18:28(4) 20:05(5) 21:05(6) 22:05(7) FREE!
Commerce Circle & 95th Wilsonville 5:32 8:10 9:10 17:15(1) 17:45(1) 18:15 20:28(1) 21:32(6) 22:30(7)

TriMet 96 - Portland

5:47 8:10(1)(3) 9:14 17:19(1) 17:51(1) 18:38 20:28(1) 21:48(6) 22:50(7) $2.50

Jefferson & 4th

Portland 6:23 8:54 9:49 18:05 18:34 19:14 20:59 23:12
Total Time 1 hour 55 minutes Total Price $5.50


Schedule updated as of December 26, 2013.

  1. These transfers are all really close together so I don't guarantee that you'll make these connections.
  2. Take SMART Route 2X to Barbur TC and transfer to Tri-Met Line 12 or 94 to Portland. Additional Fare is Required which is $1.50 for SMART because it serves outside the Wilsonville city limits, $2.50 for Tri-Met.
  3. If you miss the 8:10 connection to Portland on Tri-Met Line 96, there is another bus available at 8:37.
  4. Take the WES Commuter Rail at this time. See Alternate #1 below or Take SMART Route 2X and see footnote #2 above.
  5. Take SMART Route 2X to Commerce Circle.
  6. Take SMART Route 2X to Tulatian Park & Ride. Additional Fare is Required which is $1.50. Connect with Tri-Met Line 76 at 21:48 to Tigard TC. Transfer to Line 12 to Downtown Portland.
  7. Take SMART Route 8X to Beaverton TC. Fare is $3.00 for this service. Transfer to MAX light rail (Blue Line) to Portland. If you can hitch a ride/taxi ride to Mentor Graphics, you can take the SMART Route 9X bus which leaves at 10:07PM. Fares are the same.

There are a few alternatives available.

  1. From Wilsonville, You can take the WES Commuter Rail Where you can get off at Tigard TC to connect with Tri-Met Bus Line 12 (or Line 94 @ Commerical/Main St) to Portland, or Beaverton TC to connect with MAX Light Rail (Red/Blue Line) to Portland. Fare is $2.50. Purchase tickets in Wilsonville with Credit/Debit Card only. This option is available during commuter hours only.
  2. You Can go to West Salem Transit Center on Cherriots bus and take the Yamhill County LINK shuttle Route 11 and change buses in McMinville at the Yamhill County Courthouse and transfer to a LINK Route 44 or 45X to Tigard TC where you can connect with Tri-Met Bus Route 12 to Portland or LINK Bus Route 33 to Hillsboro TC where you can connect with MAX Blue Line to Portland. Fare on LINK Bus is $2.00 for Day Pass. Separate Fare required for Tri-Met.
  3. From Salem Transit Mall, Take CARTS Bus Route 10 to Woodburn, Get off at Mid-K Plaza (bus stop is at the parking lot) and transfer to a CAT (Canby) bus (bus stop also at the parking lot), get off at Oregon City Transit Center where you connect with Tri-Met Route 33 to Portland. Fare is 2.00 for CART bus, Canby Area Transit is $1.00. Tri-Met fare is $2.50.


Portland to Salem

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